“Ki” and “Kata”

For the Japanese, "concentrating" means staring at something.

Focus on something behind the scene like shadow that exists in the world outside and inside you.

If you can do that, everything will be fine, both physically and mentally.


Japanese people sometimes say "YUDAN SURUNA".

"YUDAN" means "stop the oil circulation". "SURUNA" is a warning that "you must not do so".

"Oil" here is a metaphor of "ki" that goes around in our body. "Ki" is the origin of our lives.


There is a word "kata" in Japanese.

Our ancestors invented "kata" by "concentrating" through the body and soul.

"Kata" means a style of thinking based on the power of "ki".

However, unfortunately, we have lost most of the "kata" used by the old Japanese.

The modern Japanese do not know how to concentrate using "kata" like the old Japanese.

Perhaps foreigners who come to Japan will see something that looks like a "kata", but that is just what it looks like.


This is an important point for us to practice. In other words, our training is training to find the origin of the Japanese "kata".

I use the word "kata" not only in traditional arts. I think this is a word that originally means how to use the body in normal Japanese life.


At Komagome Keiko-jo, we are trying to learn and learn how to deepen our concentration through the unique use of the Japanese body.

Keiko-jo is a small and quiet Japanese-style room like a tea room.


If you are interested in and respect Japanese culture, we welcome you. 


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