Lost Traditional Moves of Japanese Culture.

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My name is Sosuke Imaeda.

I run a dojo in Komagome, Tokyo.


At the dojo, you can experience the Japanese traditional way of how the heart feels and how the body moves.

An independent body that lives with nature is strong and brings the joy of living.

And it fosters a heart that feels beautiful things as it is.


For example, by practicing constantly, it grows a heart to feel the heart of flowers and tenderness of people.


Life is given in nature as a gift, but soul needs to be grown.


Surprisingly, there is only a few explored about Japanese culture in depth.


After the westernization of the Meiji Restoration, it has devastated the Japanese heritage of many people’s behavioral patterns.


Most of them are prototyped by western intelligence. There are still many literary assets left, however, in order for foreigners to really understand the true meaning will have to take years to live and learn in Japan.


If you are interested in Japanese culture not only the appearance but the true heart and soul, come and join us! You will feel how the former Japanese truly felt, and their strongly built body that made the culture of Japan.



New!  Uniqueness in the Japanese world that has forgotten the body.(Part 1)



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