Japanese movements introductory training

Komagome Dojo is a dojo where you can know and feel the Japanese body before the Edo period, which even the Japanese have lost due to the Western theory of exercise represented by modern sports since the Meiji period.

Komagome Dojo is a dojo where you can learn about the pre-Edo period Japanese body and feel it through practice.

In the past, Japanese culture was a culture created by the Japanese body. Without grasping this point, all Japanese cultural theories will be out of focus.

AI-based knowledge is only a pursuit of convenience and efficiency, and even if emotions move only in the brain, it is not possible to feel the emotions that move the whole body.

It has nothing to do with being moved by the whole body.

In ancient times, Japanese people focused on the body as their primary focus and used kata, movement, kimono, space, time, etc., in order to strengthen their focus.

Here, you will experience a part of it.

This is a precious time for you to experience Japanese culture not from books, but with your body.

What we will do is deal with body movements, breathing, chi, and ancient power, which were the basis of Japanese culture, including all arts, martial arts, and daily life.


The instructor studied for twenty years at the “Seitai Kyokai” Institute of Physical Education and now teaches how to prepare the body using pre-Edo period methods.

The practice conducted here can now be called a secret ceremony and is not practiced anywhere else.

We recommend it to foreigners who want to  its secrets that gave birth to the culture of pre-Edo Japan.

It is impossible to learn the essence and depth of the culture only from books.

This is because Japanese culture is not created by the spirit or knowledge, but by the body.

Practice is conducted in a Japanese-style room like a tea ceremony room, either individually or in small groups.

Basic English communication is possible.

You are allowed to practice if you send us an e-mail and give us your permission.

Please include your name, nationality, desired date, and contact information in the e-mail.

(Weekends and holidays are available, time to be negotiated)


 Fee per person, 6,000 yen/3 hours (with coffee break for discussion)

 Fee per person, 9,000 yen/5 hours (with coffee break for discussion)

Practice will be arranged according to your wishes.

(Ancient Japanese movement methods, refinement of the senses, body conditioning, etc.)

Two-day and three-day courses are also available.


5-27-11 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Hilltop Honkomagome 201

Komagome dojo Instructor Sousuke Imaeda