Japanese movements introductory training

“Komagome Keikojo “offers “Japanese movements introductory training"  for those who live in Japan or are studying abroad and would like to learn the true meaning of Japanese culture by actually using their bodies, not just the superficial aspects of Japanese culture as is generally believed.

This is because the source of Japanese culture is a culture that uses the body's senses, and words often do not really convey the true meaning of Japanese culture.


Introductory “Doho” practice

“Japanese movements introductory training"  


1.Observation of Japanese physical movements

2.Observation of sensations flowing through the body

3.Sitting on tatami mats, breathing on the back while lying on the floor, etc.

4.Experience the flow of ”ki” through the body.


・Fee: 2,000 yen

・Duration 2 hours (lessons are mainly in basic English)

・Can be conducted from one person. 

・Reservations are required for your convenience.

・For more information, please contact us by e-mail.




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